First blog post

Greetings fellow film fanatics!

Welcome to my first ever blogging site! I know what you are thinking, ” How original, a movie blog”, and your sarcasm is duly appreciated. However, this IS an original blog, as it is MY blog, and I am one of a kind, baby.

I’ve been told to blog what I know, and believe me, I know movies. In fact, every useful and important piece of information that I have learned over the years, that could have possibly led to a fine career and wealth, has been pushed out of my brain and replaced by useless movie knowledge. Well now I am going to use the world wide web to unleash my movie mind.

My hope with this blog is to give reviews on the latest films I have seen. To be honest with you, the reader, I love big movies, and I try to see them as they come out in theaters.I would like to do more than reviews, maybe blog about the latest film news, or just try to come up with some click bait articles to see if I can make some money at this!! Just kidding….well a little.

So, let’s have some fun and talk movies. At worst, you can read my ramblings while you try to pass a boring day at work!!



PS. Forgive me for my technical deficiencies, this is all new to me. As I learn more I will work to make this site look better and run smooth! Technology scares me, I’ve seen what Skynet is capable of!


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