Review- Mission:Impossible Fallout

Simple review: GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

Once again the Mission:Impossible franchise delivers everything you could want in a big, summer action movie!  Let’s go down the checklist:

Crazy parachuting stunts- check

Car chases-check

Brutal fights-check

How about a motorcycle chase- you got it

Can you throw in a Tom Cruise running through a city chase- double check

All we need is some insane helicopter chase scene- consider it done

Of course the action sequences will get the most talk, and, believe me, they deliver. It does add to the excitement knowing Tom is doing most of the stunts on his own, but even with that being said, Christopher McQuarrie stages some jaw dropping moments of unashamed action movie madness! One of the things that adds to the action pieces, is the character reactions, especially our hero Ethan Hunt. Ethan and his teammates, Benji, Luther and Ilsa, have some of the same reactions to what they have to do to get the job done, as the audience has watching. It does add a bit of humanity, and humor, to these moments. CGI seemed to be used sparingly, which tends to make the action the more exciting.

As great as the action pieces are, don’t walk into the theater thinking this is a big, dumb summer action flick. No, no my friends, this film has an actual plot that you have to use your brain a little bit to keep up with. To give a basic plot summary, it’s spies fighting bad guys with nukes.Of course there is the main conflict between Ethan’s team and the main baddie, Solomon Lane, but there are other conflicts between different agencies, all trying to achieve similar goals by very different means, that keep our heroes on their toes. I don’t want to give too much away, because there are some fun twists and turns along the way. As a movie fan, it is nice to see a movie with this much action,  keep my attention with a fun script that doesn’t just go though the motions. It shows the films’ creative team still cares about this franchise.

Ok,Ok it is fair to say there are some mild criticisms of the movie. Yes, it is an action movie so characters will show up at convenient times to save our heroes.  And you will have to suspend belief a bit as human bodies will hit things and run through things  receiving little damage (but you know that going into this type of movie). Also, it does start, well, slow might not be the right word, more like it starts in first gear but once it gets to fifth gear, hold on tight!!

As far as the cast and the acting, both are excellent!! Of course Tom Cruise is excellent in these movies. Not only is he the cool hero, but he gets to play in a big boy toy box. Flying this, driving that, punching this guy and kissing this woman, how could he not be having a good time? But above that, the comradery with the other members of the  IMF team continues to shine. Ving Rhames is always super cool, and he gives Luther that smooth attitude that has a calming affect on the team. Simon Pegg adds his awkward humor and seems to be having a blast working with Tom Cruise. Rebecca Ferguson, as Ilsa Faust, is just lethal,and a perfect pairing with Cruise. Sean Harris, and his voice of pure evil gravel, is such a fun bad guy, seemingly a step ahead through the whole movie. And last is Henry Cavill, as Walker. He definitely has the physical features to be fighting his way through this flick, and it was nice to see him actually get a character to act with, unlike a certain flying character he plays that is given little to do. ( but that complaint is for another article on another movie franchise)

To end this rambling review, in case you could not put things together, I really loved this movie. It was a fun action movie, with a cast and crew that don’t seem to be suffering from franchise fatigue. If anyone knows Tom Cruise, let him know if he keeps making Mission:Impossible movies, I will keep going to see them!


Thanks for your time

The Movie-Psycho

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