10 Fall & Winter Movies I am anticipating.

With the passing of Labor Day, we come to the end of the summer movie season. As we catch our collective breath from all of the explosions, superheroes and chase scenes we saw over the last few months, it is time to gear up for another round of Hollywood’s attention getters. With the release of the new movies during the fall and winter, expect fewer explosions and more award hunting films. To get you excited for the change in seasons, here are ten films that I am looking forward to seeing over the remaining months of 2018.

10. Halloween -October 19, 2018- I am a sucker for horror movies, and this time of the year is usually ripe with them. This year we get a return visit from good ole Michael Myers, and his faded out Captain Kirk mask. Normally I would not be excited over another sequel, but the presence of Jamie Lee Curtis makes this a must see. Will she be able to finally give Michael Myers the justice he deserves, or will he finish the job he started all those years ago?

9. The Predator- September 14, 2018- I promise these will not all be blockbuster type movies! I swear! Another entry in the “Predator” universe would normally have me rolling my eyes, but with Shane Black directing, as well as writing the script with Fred Dekker, my curiosity has been piqued. Our favorite alien killers return to Earth to reek havoc on a suburban town, with only a ragtag team of ex-soldiers standing in their way. I love Shane Black as a writer and am interested to see what he can do to reinvigorate this franchise. This could be a lot of fun or a colossal train wreck!

8. The Front Runner-November 21, 2018- This is a film that snuck up on me. It stars Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart, who ran for president way back in 1988, and was doing well in the campaign until his affair made the news. After watching the trailer, this looks like a great role for Jackman to dig into. I am interested to see how he balances his normal likeability, with this controversial moment in presidential campaign history. Ultimately, it is Hugh Jackman and who doesn’t love Hugh? ( Plus Bill Burr is in it!! Bonus points for this film)

7. The Nun- September 7, 2018- This is one I have been looking forward to since the Nun made her first terrifying appearance in ” The Conjuring 2″. I like the shared universe that ” The Conjuring” has created. The only real misfire was ” Annabelle”, but that was corrected with its sequel ” Annabelle: Creation”. “The Nun” serves as a prequel to all of ” The Conjuring” films and is about a young woman sent to investigate the death of a nun and the evil forces that surround the tragedy. I will admit when the Nun was onscreen during ” The Conjuring 2″ she creeped me the F out, and I can’t wait to see what scares the filmmakers can throw at us!

6. The Sisters Brothers- September 21, 2018- In this western, a gold prospector is pursued by two bounty hunters, the Sisters brothers. While the plot seems pretty familiar, the cast looks amazing! Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly star as the aforementioned Sisters Brothers, and that alone is enough to get my butt in a theater seat! From the previews, this film seems to have a Coen brothers movie feel to it, which should make this a fun and unique outing. I am a fan of John C. Reilly and this looks like a film tailored made for his talents.

5. Aquaman- December 21, 2018- Give me a break here, I am a geek so how can I not put a superhero movie on this list? I did not give this film much thought until I saw the trailer, then I was hooked. ( Get it? Like a fish..come on work with me people) Visually this one looks like a sugar rush for the eyes. The underwater scenes in the trailer look absolutely amazing! As much as ‘The Justice League” was a giant meh for me, I did dig Jason Moma as Aquaman. He looked to be having fun with the role, and that is something the DC movie universe needs. Who knew that Aquaman would be the coolest looking DC movie? Go figure. Oh, and fellows you could probably talk your lady friend into going by letting her know Jason Moma will be shirtless through most of the movie. Just a tip for you young geeks out there!

4. First Man- October 12, 2018- A film about Neil Armstrong and the race to be the first on the moon? Count me in!! This may have been humankind’s greatest achievement to date, and, as an American, one of our finest accomplishments. Think about it for a second, we built a rocket and took a human from this planet and hurled him through space to walk on the surface of another heavenly body, then brought him back! ( yes I know it was more than Armstrong, but you get the point) This is a story that never gets old for me, and I can’t wait to see it. Ryan Gosling looks terrific in the role of Armstrong, and director Damien Chazelle made one of my all-time favorite movies, ” Whiplash”, so I can’t wait to see his take on this historic event!

3. Welcome To Marwen- December 21, 2018- Steve Carell stars as a man that suffers a brutal attack that takes away his memory, as well as leaving him physically damaged. He uses a unique way of therapy through photography to help him deal with this personal tragedy. If you have not seen this trailer, go watch it after you finish reading this blog (of course), because I cannot describe what a unique looking movie this is. The great Robert Zemeckis, director of such classics as ” Back To The Future”, ” Forrest Gump” and ” Romancing the Stone”, brings this story to life through real-life actors mixed with CGI dolls that the main character uses in his photography. It looks amazing, and Steve Carell leads an incredible cast. This will probably be a tear jerker, so bring some tissue.

2. Overlord- November 9, 2018- Ok you need to know why I am excited about this one? How about this: Allied soldiers during D-Day in WWII fight crazy Nazis creating a zombie army with weird human experiments. Does that do anything for you, punk? This looks absolutely insane and I simply CANNOT wait for this one!!!!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody- November 2, 2018- I must admit something to you, my faithful readers, I love me some Queen!! They were a great band that was never boring, both on and off the stage. A Queen album could go from a kick-ass rock song to an opera song to ragtime jazz, you never knew what you would get and that was the fun of Queen. Freddie Mercury was the larger than life lead singer, and I am curious to see if Rami Malek can bring that persona to the screen. I am worried about all of the behind the scenes turmoil of this film, but hopefully the fun and over the top-ness of Queen will come to life on the silver screen. At worst, it will have an amazing soundtrack.

There you have it, ten movies I cannot wait to see by the end of 2018! Hopefully, I brought one or two to your attention that you had not heard of! Do you have any you are looking forward to seeing? Leave them in the comments below, I’d love to see what movies get you excited. Who knows, you may share one that I wasn’t aware of, doubtful, but you never know!!

As always, thanks for your time!

The Movie Psycho

2 thoughts on “10 Fall & Winter Movies I am anticipating.

  1. Some of these sound interesting . Not horror movies! I like movies that have a good story line and good dialogue. Also actors that bring some depths to the character they are playin Thanks for the heads up.👍


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