Film Franchise’s I Miss

There is one thing Hollywood executives dream about: a Film Franchise! If Hollywood has mastered one thing it is milking a good idea for all it is worth, even at the cost of quality. There are many franchises that dominate your local cinema, especially during those hot, summer months, but there are some that started strong but lost momentum. The recent trend in the movie business is to reboot or reimagine these franchises. This week we will witness the relaunching of “The Predator” franchise, and with my excitement for this flick growing, I started to think of franchises that could use a reboot or relaunch. I thought I would share with you, my reliable reader, a few franchises that I would love to see on the silver screen again.

Blade- There have been rumblings on the interwebs that the daywalker may see film life again. I hope so as I really enjoyed these films, yes even Blade: Trinity, but I do have one caveat: Wesley Snipes must return! He was perfect as Blade, the half-vampire/half-human vampire killing machine. The action scenes in these movies were a blast and I am definitely down for some more techno music and vampire slaying.

Blair Witch- Be warned, there will be a lot of horror movies on this list. The Blair Witch series has had an attempted reboot/sequel that was basically the same film as the original found footage film, that did not fare well at the box office. I did enjoy the original tale of a lost film crew searching for the infamous Blair Witch only to be never heard from again. The sequel, not so much. It seems like a wasted opportunity as the original did build an eerie backstory for the Blair Witch that would be fun to explore in the hands of the right filmmakers. Just ditch the found footage idea!

Final Destination- I loved these movies! It was fun to see the creative death scenes, as well as watching the characters try to avoid Death from claiming them one by one.  This one could be tricky to revive as the fifth installment did circle back to the very first movie in a clever way. I do not know if this would be an insurmountable obstacle since the premise of Death coming after people that escaped a disaster isn’t that complicated. Bring in a new cast and come up with more over the top gore and I, for one, will buy a ticket.

Oh God!- Now this is a film series that you haven’t thought about in a long time! In case you forgot, good ole John Denver plays an average guy that God decided to talk to in person. Of course, no one believes him, and his faith is tested. Yes, there were two sequels that no one remembers, but the original stands tall among them. It is a sweet film, and I think it would be interesting for God to communicate with a person dealing with today’s issues! The original film series did not beat you over the head with religion, rather it brought a humanity to God that people lose sight of. There is potential for a good comedy series that could be uplifting and family friendly. ( see I have compassion for you and your family, not just trying to get you hooked on horror movies!)

Starship Troopers- Believe it or not, this was a film franchise. After Paul Verhoeven’s first film, the series went direct to video ( look that term up kids) with some very lame sequels. The first film was a violent, satirical sci-fi actioner that is still a ton of fun to watch! There were more stories to tell in the war between the humans and the bugs, but they deserve real filmmakers with real budgets. We are getting 28 sequels to ” Avatar” at some point, why not a couple Verhoven lead “Starship Troopers” adventures? Want to learn more? (get it?)

Wrong Turn- Who doesn’t love movies about inbred cannibals? The first film is a solid horror movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat to see if our heroes can escape said inbred cannibals. The sequels are a guilty pleasure for me, as I have seen them all, and they are basically the same movie with smaller and smaller budgets. ( And more and more boobs) The worst part of the crappy sequels is that the inbreds never really get justice served to them. I watched each one hoping they would finally meet their maker, but alas I was disappointed with each passing movie. So, why not reboot this franchise and kill off them damn cannibals!! I hate them so much, especially three finger, and his mocking laugh. You no good, inbred mother fu…oh sorry, that got a little crazy there allow me to compose myself and finish this blog!

These are just a few of my favorite, under the radar film franchises that should be given some more love. It seems Hollywood is fresh out of new ideas, and eventually, they will see this list and try again on these hidden gems. Will I see a dollar from them, no, but I will be alright knowing that I, in some small way, brought art back into your lives. No need to thank me, it is a sacrifice I will make for you! I hope you enjoyed reading my insane ramblings, and if you have any franchises you would like to see updated, feel free to comment below. And if you would like and follow my blog, I would very much appreciate it!

As always, thanks for your time!

The Movie Psycho

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