Going to the Movie Theater

If you are a fan of movies like me, then you know the love/hate relationship with actually going to the movie theater. With high definition televisions and amazing home sound systems, not to mention streaming services and movie downloads, the need to see a movie in a theater to enjoy it is becoming less and less. Despite this, I still look forward to seeing a movie in the theater, but there are things that make me question my loyalty to the local cinema. Allow me to share my favorite things about going to the movie theater, and the things that drive me absolutely insane!

Favorite- The screen/surround sound- I know televisions have made incredible leaps in quality over the last several years, but there is nothing like watching a big movie on that giant screen in the theater. Movies are made to be seen on that screen. Directors, cinematographers and art designers are making the film to be seen on that big ole screen! Add in the amazing sound system and this is an immersive experience that a great film uses to amaze its audience.

Despise- The cost- While the rising cost of a ticket is frustrating, it is the price of the concessions that kill me. Before you get all high and mighty, yes I know I don’t have to buy anything at the concession stand, but I am addicted to movie theater popcorn. It’s a disease and I am the victim, blame society for my actions, not me! It kills me, however, at the cost of my favorite treats. For the cost of a large bucket, I could buy a corn farm and grow a lifetime supply of popcorn! And do not get me started on the growing menu movie theaters are adding to the concession stand. Nothing sucks like standing behind someone ordering a six-course meal at the concession stand while I slowly have an aneurysm as the anger builds.

Favorite- The movie crowd experience- I love watching a horror movie, or comedy, and reacting along with the strangers that have gathered to see the film. When you are watching a horror movie and everyone jumps at the same time, or everyone gets creeped out at something on the screen, it makes the experience even more fun. The same can be said about a comedy, it’s fun to laugh along with other people. This isn’t limited to horror or comedy. One of my favorite moments in a movie theater was the end of ” Inception”, when the top is spinning and you are waiting to see if it will keep spinning, the whole theater was on the edge of their seats. When the screen went to black before we saw what happened with the top, we ALL let out a collective sigh, wanting to know what happened. It added to the whole experience of seeing that movie I wouldn’t have had sitting on my couch at home.

Despise- The movie crowd experience- What’s that you say? I can’t use this as my favorite and despise it as well? The hell I can’t, it is my blog I can do anything I want!! I am the supreme ruler here! If the crowd is into the movie, as I pointed out above, then it is fun. If the theater has some selfish jerks in it, then it can ruin the whole movie. Talking during the movie is the most frustrating thing. You came to see a movie not talk about your life with your friends the whole time. Or the person that thinks they have to talk to the movie. News flash: they can’t hear you! Cell phones should be banned from the theater, they are nothing but a nuisance and no one likes the sudden blast of light in a dark theater when someone HAS to check their phone to see if someone liked their clever post or lame selfie. And for the love of all that is holy, parents if you have an infant or small child, get a babysitter or do not go to the movies! Nothing like settling in for an R rated horror movie when in walks a parent with their baby. What the F@$& are you thinking? Believe it or not, there are other people in the world so use a little common sense.

Favorite- Trailers- This one has lost some of its luster as most trailers hit the internet before we ever see them in the theater, but I still get excited to see the new movies coming out. It is fun to hear the murmur of excitement when the trailer for a cool new movie comes on. Some people like to wait to enter the movie until after the trailers have run, but not me, baby. I get there early as to not miss one!! If it looks like I am going to be late and miss the trailers, I will wait until the next showing of the movie just so I don’t miss them. Yes, I know, I have a problem.

Despise-The lame employee- This isn’t every employee of the theater, but there are some that are just no fun! You work at a movie theater, so don’t roll your eyes when I try to talk movies with you. At my local theater, the employees have their favorite movie listed on their name badge, so naturally, I have to comment on their choice. Some employees are fun and will talk to me about it, but the lame ones act like you are a moron for even bringing it up. The more I read this, maybe this is just me being an annoying customer, in which case all I can say is ” I am what I am”.

These are just a few of my love and hate issues with going to the movie theater. Do you have any? Let me know, I would love to hear from you! Yes, YOU! Please comment, like and follow my insanity.

By the way, since we are approaching October, the season for horror movies, I would like to do some article related to the topic. A such, feel free to visit my twitter @PsychoMovie and let me know your favorite horror movie and I can use those ideas in an upcoming article! Thanks!

As always, thanks for your time.

The Movie Psycho

One thought on “Going to the Movie Theater

  1. I love going to the movies, in an actual theater, too, but, cannot afford a nice dinner AND a movie (and food is much more exciting at my age!)
    My only pet peeve at a theater is, and it never fails, someone sits directly in front of me when there are tons of empty seats all over the room! So, I put my feet on the back of their seat through the whole show ( and jump a little when certain scenes startle me!) tee-hee


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