Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Simple Review: Everyone relax, it’s just a movie!

I don’t know if I have ever been so scared to have an opinion of a movie in my life! I believe that there is a team of internet assassins quietly waiting in the shadows to eviscerate my cyberspace persona whatever my opinion of Captain Marvel is. It is as if the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a superhero movie aimed at selling toys to kids. What the hell has happened to us that we have put this much pressure on a movie to provide some sort of social justice to our lives? I mean, this is a movie about aliens fighting a woman that shoots lasers out of her hands so maybe we could take it down a notch. Never the less, I shall risk life and limb to provide you THE best review of Captain Marvel on the entire world wide web or your money back. So, let’s suit up, jump on a Quinjet and save the planet….again. We can do this all day!

Captain Marvel is the newest entry in the Marvel cinematic universe, bringing us the story of Carol Danvers as she solves the mysteries of her past in order to save the world from being caught in a war between two alien races. Marvel has had an unparalleled rate of cinematic success and they have a formula that seems to be unstoppable at the box office, with Captain Marvel continuing that trend. You have to tip your hat to Marvel as they can continue to dominate at the box office even with lesser-known superheroes headlining a movie. Following my tradition of being honest with you, my reliable reader, Captain Marvel is a comic book character I have no knowledge of at all. Shocking I know but not every internet critic lives in their mom’s basement pouring over back issues of comic books to endlessly nitpick superhero movies. Some of us like sports and girls too! On the plus side, having no knowledge of the comic book adventures of Captain Marvel does allow me to judge the movie as simply that, a movie, which only serves to make your life better! So really I am the true superhero in this story. Enough about me and my greatness lets dig into Captain Marvel and save the movie world from the evil haters.

Right up front, I have to let you know that I really enjoyed Captain Marvel as a whole and think this is the right movie to lead into Avengers: Endgame. The cast is spot on with Brie Larson shining as the newest hero in the Marvel cinematic universe. Brie IS an Academy Award-winning actress so we shouldn’t be surprised that she brings the right amount of emotion and swagger to Carol Danvers. The smart thing the movie does is give us Carol already with her powers and training and have her solve the mystery of her past to deliver her origin story. It allows Brie to start as the cocky warrior only to find out there is more to her, and her view of the world, than she imagined making her vulnerable and relatable, which makes for a good hero. She has great chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson, as the young Nick Fury. Captain Marvel serves as a prequel for his character and it was great to see Samuel play an actual character and not just the typical badass Samuel L Jackson character. You can tell he is having a great time in the role and the de-aging effects were amazing! Ben Mendelsohn delivers another fun performance as Talos the leader of the Skrulls, an alien race that is more than what they seem. Ben has played fun villains in past roles so he is more than prepared for this movie, plus he makes these ” villains” actually fun and interesting. Marvel isn’t known for having the best bad guys, but this movie has quite a few interesting villains which helps to keep the movie from being dull. Jude Law and Lashana Lynch stand out as well with Jude as Carol’s mentor and Lashana as her best friend. Again, these actors had great chemistry and were able to balance the action and drama with the typical Marvel humor.

Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck do a nice job with Captain Marvel, keeping the movie entertaining enough that is didn’t feel like a two hour and four-minute film. As with any Marvel movie, there is a formula to follow and Captain Marvel is no exception. Luckily for the directors, they had a great cast to work with allowing the formula to work once again. There are some beautiful shots with two of my favorites being the moment when Carol gets her powers and some tripy moments when Carol has to talk to the Supreme Intelligence. As I wrote earlier, I love that this movie is not a by the numbers origin story. It is set up as a mystery so Carol can find out who she is in order to know the “right” way to use her powers for good. It was a unique approach that kept me engaged in the story as we discover the twists and turns in the plot with Carol instead of being able to know what is going to happen next. There are some great aviation references throughout the movie with a nice nod to The Right Stuff and Pancho Barnes and her famous bar. There are more fun easter eggs I do not want to spoil, a great Stan Lee tribute to open the movie as well as a fun cameo by Stan the man and cat lovers rejoice there is finally a cat hero to be proud of!

While Captain Marvel is a good movie, it is not without its flaws, the worst being the Marvel formula. Yes, it works like a charm at the box office, but at this point in the game, you could sit with a checklist, making off boxes as you watch the movie. The moments that are the most frustrating are when we have to have some witty line of dialogue at a moment that doesn’t need it. Someone, please tell the Marvel higher-ups that it is ok to let a moment in a movie just be that moment without trying to add humor to it. There is a great goosebump inducing hero moment for Captain Marvel that is deflated by a lame joke. There are other emotional moments that get the same treatment and it is frustrating at this point because it is unnecessary to the story. Of course, the Marvel higher-ups will just laugh at me for my suggestion and take their truckloads of cash to the bank.

On the directing side, the fight scenes are horribly shot with so many quick cuts and bad angles I couldn’t tell what was going on half the time. I wanted to see Captain Marvel kick some ass instead I almost had motion sickness from all the quick edits. There is a part in the third act where Captain Marvel has to fight some unwelcome alien visitors that served no point in the movie other than having a big, CGI scene that every one of these movies seems to have to have. This movie worked so well because it was a smaller scale story than the usual superhero fare, avoiding the whole ” bad guys trying to blow up the Earth” scenario we have seen a million times up until that one moment. It does show how powerful she is, but it could have been handled differently so you don’t get something that seems out of place in the movie. We do get the typical moments where characters seem to know right where another character is, even though it is next to impossible for them to know they would be there. There is this weird thing in a superhero movie where if characters would just let their intentions be known instead of hiding their plans then people wouldn’t get beat up or killed. Let’s learn to communicate people! My last critique is a nitpick of Marvel movies not really defining what a character’s powers are and how lethal the powers can be. This goes all the way back to Iron Man with his blasters destroying somethings and just knocking other people and thing over. Captain Marvel has similar powers that are never really defined or given limits and weaknesses to, which made it hard to feel any threat to the hero.

Before we close this review out I do want to comment on the controversy surrounding this movie. First of all, if you are mad that this is a female superhero and are trying to sabotage it on review sites grow the f@&k up! Believe it or not, women can be leaders and heroes in movies as well as men, so relax and let some diversity into your lives and maybe the world could start being a better place. On the flip side of that, if you are trying to make Captain Marvel the most important moment in women’s rights then you need to check yourself because it is ONLY A MOVIE!! Yes, it is great to have a female superhero but don’t force people to like this movie if they do not. By the way, if you are over 10 years old and Captain Marvel is your role model then you need to find some real-life women in world history that did far more amazing things than a movie character. I love Batman, but he is not my role model as my knees are far too weak to take jumping off of rooftops every night. To sum up, both sides of the controversy need to relax IT IS A MOVIE ABOUT ALIENS FIGHTING A WOMAN WITH LASERS SHOOTING OUT OF HER HANDS!!!! GEEEEEEZZZZZZZ

It is time for me to make my escape to my personal fortress of solitude, i.e. my bed, so let’s wrap up this politically charged rambling review. Overall, Captain Marvel is a fun introduction to a new hero in the Marvel cinematic universe that I highly recommend watching! It isn’t going to change the world as we know it, nor should any movie, but it is a fun way to spend a few hours munching popcorn at your local theater. I am excited to see where this character goes from here and why she is so important to the next Avengers movie. Plus the more Brie Larson the better! ( is it ok to say that in this PC world?)

I hope you enjoyed my review of Captain Marvel and please like, comment and follow my groundbreaking blog so one day we may take over the world!

As always, thanks for your time!

The Movie Psycho

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