Movie Review: Us

Simple Review: “Scare” Jordan!!

Have you ever been told that someone saw your twin on the other side of town, but you don’t have a twin? Normally you would tell a lame joke about it and laugh it off but after watching Us you might want to get out of town quick, fast and in a hurry. Jordan Peele brings a new mind-bending journey into the horror realm with his evil doppelgänger film and I recommend wearing an adult diaper because leaving your seat during this movie is unacceptable. Thank the maker for Jordan stepping into the horror genre to bring more than jump scares and mindless clichés and delivering films that you actually have to use your brain a bit to enjoy. I am well aware that you have figured out my opinion of Us, but let’s throw a bucket of fishheads into the attic for Hugo Simpson and split the zygote of this review and see which twin is evil and which one is good!

As I continue to provide nothing but honesty to you, my reliable reader, I must admit I saw this movie last week and have struggled to write this review. There is so much I would like to say about the movie but I do not want to spoil a thing for you and ruin our blossoming relationship. I am a gentleman and doing anything to hurt you would bring me great dishonor. I could have gone with my first review just throwing some content on the interwebs to get some cheap views, but I could never forgive myself for giving you any less than my best, so this is my third attempt at reviewing Us. I am going to avoid spoilers and only give as much detailed information as you have seen in the trailers because this is a movie that you need to see with as little information as possible to enjoy, and it might take repeated viewings to catch all of the clues that were missed. Enough about me let’s get on with this review before you get distracted and start looking at naughty things on the world wide web.

Us tells the story of a family trip to the beach that turns into a nightmare as evil dopplegängers show up to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting population. Written and directed by Jordan Peele, Us is an expertly crafted film that consistently builds tension and delivers so many ” What the hell is going on” moments that you will be invested in every scene as you try to figure out where this movie is going. Peele does a masterful job directing this film from the effortless camera work to the use of sound and color to the incredible way every set up has a pay off throughout the movie. As a fan of filmmaking, Us is an absolute pleasure to watch and makes one eager to see what Peele has up his sleeve for his next feature film.

The cast of Us is simply perfect with every actor in the film delivering exceptional performances from top to bottom. Lupita Nyong’o is the stand out as she plays Adelaide Wilson, the protective mother and her evil twin with impeccable balance between the maternal and the downright terrifying. I know horror movies get little love during award season but Lupita deserves the recognition for giving such complex and believable emotions from two characters. Winston Duke plays Gabe Wilson, her husband, and father to their children as well as his own evil twin. I have enjoyed Winston’s work in recent Marvel movies and he brings a ton of humor and believability as a father trying to protect his family. Both of their kids, played by Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex, are equally as good and their family bond feels natural from the very beginning of the movie. All four actors are just as creepy and terrifying as their alter-egos and will have you on the edge of your seat as they pursue their victims. Elisabeth Moss is wonderfully snobby as Kitty,  a friend of the Wilson family, as well as being macabre as her dopplegänger. She was flat out gruesome and I am not ashamed to admit she scared the bejeezus out of me! ( sorry for the harsh language!) As a whole the cast is amazing and it was incredible to watch them play both their “normal” selves and their evil twins.

While I have heaped praise on the movie so far, Us is not without its imperfections. For me, the only part that raised any questions was the big reveal of where the dopplegängers ( I am enjoying typing that word) came from. It isn’t a letdown but more of an ” oh ok so that’s where we are going with this.” The reveal just did not equal the tense build up for me much like my last intimate evening, but that is too much information for this silly blog. Again, it didn’t ruin the movie just didn’t reach the heights that it was aiming for. I think the main reason for me was that it is over-explained. Jordan does an amazing job throughout the movie giving just enough information to keep you interested both through dialogue and visual storytelling only to give us a character giving an exposition dump like a Bond villain and a character twist that we are shown too much about. I know it is a tough task to deliver a twist ending and finding the right balance between ambiguity and spelling out the details, but I think the reveal and twist would have worked better if it leaned more towards the ambiguous side. If you are the type to over analyze the logic in a movie then this reveal will drive you insane so my advice would be to overlook the logic and enjoy the journey to the big moment instead.

It is the time when we have reached the end of another triumphant review of the latest cinematic offering! Us is an excellent movie and I highly recommend not only seeing it in theaters but seeing it twice to pick up on the clues you may have missed the first time you watched it. Jordan Peele is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors and he shows again his prowess behind the camera. I hope I did not give anything away as I want you to enjoy the surprises Us delivers and I hope you understand why I wasn’t as detailed in this review as I could have been. What am I saying? Of course, you understand I have the smartest and best-looking readers on the internet and you will gladly like, follow and share my brilliant blog with everyone you can so we can take over the world!

As always, thanks for your time!

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