Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

Simple Review: Does it matter? You’re going to see it anyway!

Congratulations my fellow film nerd you have survived the year-long wait to get the answers you have craved about your favorite Marvel Cinematic Univers characters since the shocking end of Avengers: Infinity War. When the year began your biggest question was “How can our heroes save the day?” but as the film has approached your two biggest questions have been ” How can I avoid spoilers?” and ” Can I make it three hours without going to the restroom?” I cannot help you with with the latter but the former is the challenge that I have accepted to help ease any concerns you may have about Avengers: Endgame. So let’s suit up, say something snarky and walk-in cool slow motion toward our review of the most important movie in the HISTORY of the Universe.

As I have always been, I must be honest with you my reliable reader I do not enjoy the attitude of modern movie fans. It seems you can no longer simply like a movie you must either claim it as the most epic creation put on celluloid or, conversely, the worst thing to happen to humans since the bubonic plague. Simply saying ” I thought it was a good movie” will elicit the same response from people as someone saying ” Cats are better than dogs”, shock and disgust, even if it is true. So be prepared to be shocked and disgusted because I found Avengers: Endgame to be a good movie and a nice follow up to the superior Infinity War. This isn’t the best Marvel movie ever, nor is it the most epic film ever made and it didn’t need to be, it just needed to check the right boxes and wrap up the Avengers films in a satisfactory way. While it isn’t flawless, the movie does accomplish that feat and you will leave the theater with all kinds of feels.

Once again the brothers Russo, and a team of writers have delivered an entertaining trip into the ever-growing Marvel cinematic universe. To their credit, the filmmakers did not rush headlong into the story and instead allowed this movie to slowly build to the superhero eye candy that Marvel knows you are addicted to. While I felt the first act dragged a bit, it was refreshing to see these superheroes deal with the aftermath of their failure to stop Thanos and his bedazzled gauntlet. Thankfully Paul Rudd shines as his Scott Lang tries to piece together what happened while he was trapped in the quantum realm. Rudd adds not only laughs but a surprising amount of emotion to Lang which helps to keep our interest as things slowly start to move in the plot. There is an interesting change in all of the surviving Avengers that I won’t give away but seeing these superheroes deal with losing was an interesting way to start the movie. As I stated earlier, it does tend to drag as anyone with three brain cells knows a reunion is inevitable. I am trying to remain spoiler free so I am going to move on in the movie, but the first act does have some funny moments as well as a nice surprise for Tony Stark fans.

Now we reach the truly tricky part of reviewing this type of movie without spoilers, the middle act. To say anything would spoil the way the remaining Avengers try to resurrect their fallen comrades and I could never do that to you, my loyal reader. I care too damn much to do that to you! I will let you know that while I enjoyed the fun the filmmakers and actors had with the concept, for me it kept this movie from reaching the heights of its predecessor. There are so many questions that get raised that the scenario kept pulling me out of the movie when I should have been glued to the screen. Yes, there were fun moments, as well as a few touching moments, but between my silly brain questioning things and several character exposition breaks through the middle act, things seemed to start and stop too much. It doesn’t ruin the movie but the number of issues raised by the use of this plot device causes too many questions as well as too many conveniences used to move the plot later in the movie which felt a little lazy in the writing department.

I know you are feeling a little depressed about Avengers: Endgame after that last paragraph, but fear not reliable reader, the film delivers some badass action sequences that will have you cheering and the hair on your arms standing up. I have to say, outside of Winter Soldier, this might be my favorite Captain America in any of the Marvel movies. Chris Evans has so many hero moments in this movie and I guarantee all you diehard fans will be jumping out of your seats when ole Cap does something completely unexpected. I haven’t cheered in a movie theater in a long time, but that moment ended my streak of reserved silence. The Russo’s knew to let the original Avengers team shine in this movie and the actors have been in these roles so long that it seemed effortless when it came to the chemistry between them. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans highlight the cast but each member of the surviving team has their moments to shine.

I need to apologize to you as I feel this review isn’t up to my high standards but it is difficult to try not to reveal anything and also knowing that reviewing this movie is like shooting an unstoppable tank with a BB gun. I think it might be best to wrap up this review and try a spoiler-filled review to go over what did and didn’t work for me. Overall I would definitely recommend seeing Avengers: Endgame because how else will you know if your favorite heroes will return to the land of the living ( even though we all know which ones are getting sequels) but don’t expect some cinematic masterpiece nor is it on par with Infinity War. It does have some extremely emotional moments and a great action piece towards the end, but it’s flawed which keeps it as just a good movie.

I hope this review didn’t do anything to hurt our growing relationship. I know it wasn’t my best one but under the circumstances, I felt it was better to write as little as possible so you can enjoy the film on your own! Please continue to read my silly reviews as well as liking and sharing so we can take over the world!!

As always, thanks for your time!

The Movie Psycho

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