Movie Review: Aquaman

Simple Review: Splash Ahh-AHHHH

The ocean is a terrifying place where everything swims faster than you and most can eat you in one gulp. If only there was a protector watching us as we frolic in the deep blue sea, but not in a weird stalker way. Well, we are in luck as this week Aquaman dog paddles his way into the local cinema to give us the underwater hero we didn’t know we needed or wanted. Unlike the Marvel cinematic universe, the DC universe keeps throwing movies against the wall hoping something will stick, which is the same technique James Wan uses in his superhero movie directorial debut. So, does Aquaman triumphantly leap from the water amazing us with his aquatic skills, or does he end up sleeping with the fishes? Put on your skimpiest bathing suit, lather on that sunscreen and meet me at the sandy beaches of this review, but don’t let little Alex Kintner out of your sight! Continue reading “Movie Review: Aquaman”