Movie Review: Escape Room

Simple review: Saw-lite

Welcome to January, the wasteland of movie releases. After the holiday season, studios are notorious for dumping their less than appealing movies into theaters to make a quick buck. Not a bad strategy, but for us, the movie-going public, it makes for a challenging month to find stimulating entertainment in the theater, well, on the screen anyway. What happens in the back row stays in the back row! Despite this arduous task before me, I set out to watch a movie to review for your entertainment and I ended up watching Escape Room. Was I able to figure out the puzzle and defeat this film, or did I run out of time and fail miserably, only to be trapped in this one forever? The only way to find out is to enter this crazy room and look for clues to this review. ( I promise the difficulty level is low) Continue reading “Movie Review: Escape Room”