Movie Review- Overlord

Simple review- Old blood and guts

Ohhhh those pesky Nazi’s! Just when you thought you had seen it all from those jerks along comesĀ OverlordĀ to add some supernatural hijinx to the list of their nastiness. Not to downplay the real atrocities the Nazi’s committed during World War II but are there any better movie villains that everyone loves to hate? Just the sight of those grey uniforms decorated with Nazi paraphernalia is enough to get any fedora wearing archeologist to start swinging his fists. Add to that some crazy experiments trying to create an unstoppable army and you’ll need more than a rocketeer to fight back the terror. Do these Nazi mad scientists succeed in creating a super soldier army, or do our Ally heroes stop the blitzkrieg? Well, put down that history book and forget what your teachers taught you about World War II so we can attack this review with shock and awe! Continue reading “Movie Review- Overlord”