Movie Review: Rocketman

Simple Review: Reg strikes back!

Here is a tidbit for you youngsters reading my brilliant work: if Hollywood starts making biopics of musicians you love then you are officially old. As a cinematic reminder that I am inching closer to meeting the supernatural anesthetist ( anyone get that reference? If so we are now best friends), Hollywood has delivered another movie chronicling the life of a musician I grew up listening to, Elton John. After the success of the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, Elton’s life seems like a natural fit for the next big screen adaptation of an over-the-top rock star. As theatrical as Freddie Mercury was, Elton took it to eleven so who wouldn’t want to see this incredible showman’s rise to superstardom played out on screen? So did Rocketman do Captain Fantastic justice or did it go breaking my heart? Well, put on your platform shoes, throw a pair of wacky glasses on your face and lets crocidile rock this review! La-La-La-la-laaaaa Continue reading “Movie Review: Rocketman”

Movie Review- Bohemian Rhapsody

Simple Review- I’m going slightly mad

There have been few bands in the history of rock that are as instantly recognizable as Queen. From Brian May’s unique sounding Red Special electric guitar to Freddie Mercury’s amazing vocal acrobatics, Queen brought over-the-top fun and flamboyant artistry to the masses. As unique as their music is, their lead singer is the stuff of legend. Freddie Mercury may have left this world prematurely ( He didn’t pass away, he was just too awesome for this planet to contain) but he managed to set the bar incredibly high for those rock singers that followed him. This week we get to witness the incredible story of Queen and their famous lead singer with the film Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic showing the start of the band to their epic performance at Live Aid in 1985. Will this movie be ” Heaven for Everyone” or will it be a “Misfire”? Go ahead and rush ‘Headlong” into this review and ” Let me entertain you” “Dear friends”. ( Oh yes there will be a ton of Queen song titles in this review!) Continue reading “Movie Review- Bohemian Rhapsody”