Movie Review: Robin Hood(2018)

Simple Review: Meh in tights

There must be a drought of original scripts being sent to Hollywood. It seems every other weekend there is a reboot or remake of some popular film which studios are hoping can generate a renewed franchise and the cash that comes along with it. This weekend we have Robin Hood another attempt to tell the legend of the thief with a heart of gold and the aim of a sniper. I have to say I have a soft spot in my heart for Robin of Loxley as I remember watching the Disney cartoon version as a kid, as well as watching the Errol Flynn version on TV. ( Still a great flick) So, I decided to check out Robin Hood to see if they could bring anything new to the tale. Did Robin Hood hit the bullseye, or did it cut my heart out with a spoon? ( God bless Alan Rickman) Grab your bow and arrow and let’s take aim at this review! Continue reading “Movie Review: Robin Hood(2018)”