My one question for Star Wars: Episode 9

Good evening my maniacal movie minions! Today I’d like to dive into my favorite film franchise. ( Look at me killin’ the alliteration!) There have been some tremors in the Force lately, and I’d like to discuss the final chapter in the sequel trilogy. If you haven’t seen Episode 8, then be warned there will be spoilers. There are rumors and a few pictures for Episode 9 out there on the inter webs, but I am not going speculate on these rumors as it is way to early in the process of making this movie to believe any of these ” insider” rumors. Back to Episode 8, I am not going to bash on The Last Jedi as well. I enjoyed some parts, and other parts make me want to hit myself in the head with a hammer! ( Looking at you Canto Bight) So, let’s dive in… Continue reading “My one question for Star Wars: Episode 9”