Movie Review- The Predator

Simple Review- One Ugly Mother F’er

Travel back with me through the mists of time to 1987, when an action director, at the height of his career, teamed with the greatest action star EVER to deliver an incredible, and unique, sci-fi action adventure. Audiences were blown away by “Predator” and couldn’t wait to see more from the human-trophy hunting alien of the title. Since 1987, our not-so-friendly neighborhood predator has been in a sequel, fought xenomorphs twice and faced Adrien Brody (which sounds weird, but I kind of dug it). Now we have Shane Black bringing us his attempt to expand the Predator franchise. Much like Billy from the original, I walked out on that log bridge, took off my shirt, cut my chest with a machete and faced down ” The Predator.” Were the results similar? You have to read on to find out. Do ITTTT!! DO IT NOW!! Continue reading “Movie Review- The Predator”