Movie Review- The Sisters Brothers

Simple Review- A looooong ride thru the Old West.

After a nice run of new movies opening over the previous weekends, Hollywood delivers another weekend without much to grab one’s attention. Fortunately for me, one of the films I had been looking forward to seeing happened to hit my little area of the world, which is not known for being at the forefront of cinematic releases.¬†The Sisters Brothers takes us back to the days of yore when a six-shooter spoke loud and hats were all the rage. This particular western has an incredible cast to lead us through the open ranges of the wild, wild West. Does¬†The Sisters Brothers outdraw the competition, or does it end up on a train headed out of town while Bugs Bunny yells, ” So long, Sammy! See you in Miami.” ( Do you get the Looney Toons reference?) Continue reading “Movie Review- The Sisters Brothers”