Movie Review- Welcome to Marwen

Simple Review- G.I. D’oh

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the Eighties then you can’t help but be a fan of Robert Zemeckis. With a list of hits such as Romancing the Stone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and, of course, the Back to the Future trilogy it would be difficult to not find one of his movies to love. Being one of those nerdy kids that the Eighties shaped into an emotionally stunted adult, I am always excited to see what movie the imagination of Zemeckis creates. This week Bobby delivers his latest creative vision in the form of Welcome to Marwen, a Hollywood version of a true life story so you know it must be accurate! You may be asking, ” What make you of this Marwen flick, Movie Psycho?” I am glad you asked my friend, and the answer lies in my imaginary life as a G.I. Joe or in the next paragraph, whichever is easier for you to comprehend. Continue reading “Movie Review- Welcome to Marwen”