Movie Review- Widows

Simple Review- Criminally wasted cast

There are times when a movie sneaks up on you and you watch the trailer with a surprised excitement. Widows is one such film. I had not heard of this movie until I watched the trailer and I was hooked immediately. How can a film directed by an Oscar winner with a cast of phenomenal actors possibly disappoint? So naturally, with Widows being released this weekend I instantly knew which film I would review! So, you may ask, did Widows steal my affection or simply pick my pocket causing me to have to call a customer service line at the bank to cancel all of my cards wasting my time and causing my blood pressure to boil? (I know you can relate!) The only way to find out is to join me on this caper and hope we get to the review before the authorities catch us! Continue reading “Movie Review- Widows”