Netflix Review: Polar

Simple review: Stark raving Mads

As we trudge through the miserable movie month ( that’s alliteration, kids) of January there is one thing any cinephile should be thankful for, Netflix! While Hollywood has not delivered its best options this month, Netflix has been throwing everything it can at television screens around the world to see if anything sticks. One of the titles that caught my eye, and my excitement, was Polar starring everyone’s favorite Danish badass Mads Mikkelsen. Ever since he first hit my cinematic radar as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, I have tried my best to watch anything he is in as he is an excellent actor and, frankly, cool as wish I could be! So when Netflix offers up Mads as a retiring assassin looking for vengeance I knew it was a must watch. Did Polar hit its target and entertain me on this cold January night, or did it stink on ice? What’s that? You want me to stop with the cold puns? ” I’m afraid that my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy.” ( Holy bad movie quotes! I used a quote from the worst Batman movie ever!) Continue reading “Netflix Review: Polar”

Movie Review: Robin Hood(2018)

Simple Review: Meh in tights

There must be a drought of original scripts being sent to Hollywood. It seems every other weekend there is a reboot or remake of some popular film which studios are hoping can generate a renewed franchise and the cash that comes along with it. This weekend we have Robin Hood another attempt to tell the legend of the thief with a heart of gold and the aim of a sniper. I have to say I have a soft spot in my heart for Robin of Loxley as I remember watching the Disney cartoon version as a kid, as well as watching the Errol Flynn version on TV. ( Still a great flick) So, I decided to check out Robin Hood to see if they could bring anything new to the tale. Did Robin Hood hit the bullseye, or did it cut my heart out with a spoon? ( God bless Alan Rickman) Grab your bow and arrow and let’s take aim at this review! Continue reading “Movie Review: Robin Hood(2018)”

10 Fall & Winter Movies I am anticipating.

With the passing of Labor Day, we come to the end of the summer movie season. As we catch our collective breath from all of the explosions, superheroes and chase scenes we saw over the last few months, it is time to gear up for another round of Hollywood’s attention getters. With the release of the new movies during the fall and winter, expect fewer explosions and more award hunting films. To get you excited for the change in seasons, here are ten films that I am looking forward to seeing over the remaining months of 2018. Continue reading “10 Fall & Winter Movies I am anticipating.”